Fantasy sports are a popular pastime that continues to captivate sports fan all around the world. It all began with baseball and exploded with American football and is now played for practically every sport. Perhaps no fantasy sport is growing at a faster rate than golf. More people than ever are playing daily and longer-term fantasy golf using their mobile devices and through the most popular service around: DraftKings.

Ready to play? The guide that follows will show you how to download the app, claim a welcome bonus, make your first deposit and start playing — either for free or with real money or both!


How to Download and Install the DraftKings Daily Fantasy Sports App

DraftKings has an app for three different mobile operating systems: iOS, Android and Fire OS. If you want the Android or iOS app, then perhaps the easiest way to download the DFS app is to navigate to the DraftKings website with your device and download the appropriate option.

When you arrive, you will notice that there are three versions of the app indicated by flag icons. Daily Fantasy Sports is for users in the United States and is indicated by an American flag. Daily Fantasy Sports CA is for users in Canada and indicated by a Canadian flag, and Daily Fantasy Sports UK is for users in the United Kingdom and indicated by the flag of the United Kingdom.


You also have the option of downloading from within the Google Play store or App Store. Those with Amazon Fire devices can download the app through the Amazon Appstore. Alternatively, advanced users can side load the Google Play store app and download the Android app that way.

Note that the mobile stores should automatically point you to the appropriate regional app based on location data. But double check to ensure that you are selecting the appropriate app. If you are out of your home location, for instance, you may have to request the specific app for that region.

Once you agree to download the app, the app will download and then automatically install.


How to Sign Up With Email Through the App and Redeem a DraftKings DFS Promo Code

If you already have a DraftKings account, you can skip this and move on to the next section. Everyone else should tap the gray Sign Up with Email button at the bottom of the app. The app will then request a valid email address and provide a space for you to enter a promo code. It will then request that you enter a username without spaces that is between 4-20 characters long. You must then select your jurisdiction, which is your state for Americans, followed by your birthdate. Finally, you must choose a password that is 8-20 characters long and includes at least one number and at least one letter. Tap the slider to agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy policy and click the green Create Account button. Ensure that you have location-based services enabled and click the green OK button to finalize setup.


How to Log in to the DraftKings DFS App

If you just created your account in the previous step, the app will automatically log you in, and you can jump ahead to the next section. Likewise, if you have previously logged in to the app, it will remember you and automatically log you in, so you can jump ahead. Everyone else will have to click the gray Log In button. Enter your email address in the space provided. Enter your password in the space provided. Tap the green Log In button to continue.


How to Make a Deposit

The opportunity to enter a promo code is during the account creation phase, but a promo code IS NOT REQUIRED to receive the maximum bonus available – which is a 20% match up to $500.

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From the main app page, you will notice your current cash balance indicated in green. As a new member, it should read $0.00. Tap the green Deposit button next to it. Select an amount to deposit. You can either tap one of the preset boxes — $25, $100, $250 or $650 — or you can enter a custom account, and the minimum deposit is just $5. In either case, the app will automatically show you the welcome bonus that you will receive.

Make a Deposit in the Cashier

Click here to open your new account!



You will also need to add a payment method, and you can add multiple payment methods for future use. The app will remember them unless you untick the Remember Use For Future Use box. In the U.S., the app accepts DraftKings gift cards, PayPal and all major credit, debit and gift cards. Tap the green button labeled Continue, and your deposit will be processed. This usually takes just seconds.


How to Receive the Welcome Bonus

Your initial deposit lets you receive a welcome bonus. The DraftKings welcome promotion allows you to earn up to $500, which is provided to you in the form of credits. That means that they are not cashable or withdrawable. These credits are not awarded immediately but rather doled out to you $1 at a time for each $25 that you spend on daily fantasy sports. You have 90 days to claim the entire bonus. After that time, any unclaimed bonus is voided.

Here is an example: Bob deposits $100 using the default promotion. That means that he will have a $100 cash balance—which is immediately withdrawable in its entirety—and ($100 * .20) = $20 in credits available to claim. That means Bob has enough of a cash balance to claim $4 in bonus credits. He might have to deposit more to claim the rest, but he might also win big and cover it all.


Types of Daily Fantasy Golf Contests Available

DraftKings offers daily golf games and games that last as long as a week but generally does not offer games that last an entire season or even multiple events. Free games are available, and you can even win cash prizes via them, but most require a buy-in. The usual game requires a buy-in of $3, but there are more expensive entries as well, including buy-ins in the hundreds and thousands.

There are five core fantasy golf games to play at DraftKings:

Classic Golf — In this game format, you select a roster of golfers, which is limited by a salary cap. Your team is then tracked for an entire tournament and earns points for their performance in all rounds.

Weekend Golf — Weekend golf is similar but limits the tracking to just Saturday and Sunday, which is typically round three and four. It only matters how your golfers perform in those two rounds.

Match Play Golf — This is a salary cap contest as well but is scored based on how your lineup performs in head-to-head play. You earn points based on matches won, holes won and so forth.

Cup Golf — Cup Golf is very similar to Match Play Golf. The big difference is that you must select a team captain. He earns points at 1.5x rate, which adds another level of complexity to the game.

Cup Showdown Golf — This game is played just like Cup Golf with the exception that it is limited to a single round. That means the game takes place in just one day, which adds a lot of excitement.

Tiers Golf — Tier Golf is a lineup contest that takes place over an entire tournament. Golfers are organized into tiers, and you must fill out your lineup with at least one golfer from each tier.

Golf Snake — In snake contests, there is no salary cap. Instead, league participants draft golfers in a snake format much as you would in fantasy baseball and football leagues.

Golf Snake Showdown — This is a snake contest limited to a single round of a tournament.

DraftKings offers a number of different contest types, and you can participate in both public and private contests. Featured contests often involve the biggest prize pools. Of the featured contests, no contest type has bigger player pools and bigger prize pools than tournaments. Head-to-Head pits you against one other player. A 50/50 means that the top half of the field wins. A Double Up is similar to a 50/50 but ensures that you double your money if you win. A Multiplier is a Double Up with a multiplier greater than 2x. Satellites and qualifiers provide alternative avenues into tournaments.


How to Build a Fantasy Golf Lineup

Snakes are by far the easiest format in which to build a lineup because you just select who you believe to be the highest point producing golfer available. Of course, there is an element of chance here since the order in which you draft is randomized, and you may find yourself in a poor draft spot.

Tiers are interesting and provide a kind of middle ground between snake and salary cap. The goal here is to simply select the best point producer in each tier. The challenge is that the format favors players with deep knowledge of the sport, and lower tiers can be quite unpredictable.

Classic Golf – Salary Cap Contests

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Salary cap games challenge you to make best use of your money, which is often easier said than done. Your first challenge is to estimate fantasy point performance based on the scoring for the league. You can then determine how much a player is worth based on his price and his projected performance. You can get lucky with an overperformer and win big, but consistent winners are often those players who are able to find that sweet spot between the top blokes and that next tier that costs a bit less.

Sound like fun? Click here to sign up to DraftKings today!


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